How Photography Can Help in Architecture

There is no doubt that many forms of art are often interrelated; what you learn in one form of art can be related to another. Similarly, photography and architecture also have some similarities. Let’s go through a few things that you learn during photography but are actually helpful in architectural design as well.  

  • Framing 

Photography is almost all about framing at times. The composition of various elements in a single frame is a very important skill that you learn as a photographer, and the same can be applied to architecture as well if you treat the different perspectives of your structure as photographic frames. You have to decide which elements to keep and which to chuck out, what colors to use and what materials to put against one another, and exactly how much a person can see from any given angle. In all of that, the experience of photography comes in handy.  

  • Colors and Textures 

Architectural design relies a lot on the use of materials and textures. Photography relies heavily on these aspects as well. So if you’re a seasoned photographer, you are likely to have a keen eye for materials, textures, and colors which can be of great help while you’re designing a structure.  

  • Photo Editing 

The knowledge of photo editing and experience of using the best photo editor for Mac or Windows will be helpful for you in creating architectural renderings. These days, architectural modeling and rendering is expected to be as close to photorealistic as possible, so you have to edit your rendered images just like you would edit a photo taken with a camera. Even the process of rendering a 3D design includes using advanced camera settings like ISO, shutter speed, depth of field, and white balance to determine how your final render will look.  

So, does this mean that you can become a professional architect if you’re a professional photographer? Of course, not. But it does mean that if you are an architect, or planning to study architecture, and are an avid photographer who understands camera settings and photo editing tools, you can get to grips with certain aspects of architecture more quickly than otherwise.  

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