Should you Study Architecture?

Do you feel like you need to have a career that demands creativity and critical thinking? Do you not want to be part of a profession that makes you sit behind a desk all day? Do you have an eye for design and feel the need to create physical spaces that people can live in and interact with?

If you said yes to all those questions, chances are you have an interest in studying architecture. But with all the negative hype you see about the course on the internet, should you actually take the decision?

The Course is Tough

There’s no denying the fact that architecture is a very tough course to study. It entails endless studio hours, later nights, manual labor, mental and physical stress, and a lot of defending when it comes to juries and critiques.

However, at the same time, the work can be very rewarding and fun if you’re really into architecture. Conceptualizing a building, visualizing it, drawing it, and presenting it to others is a great feeling. You’ll also get to work with a lot of other creative minds which will elevate your own ideas and designs.

The Work is Also Tough

Another con to being an architect that many people love to talk about is the lack of salary that a fresh graduate gets. However, this is true for many professions in today’s world and not just architecture. The problem arises when you couple this lack of income with a lack of design responsibility. Big firms don’t always hand out design projects to young architects. Instead, they get them to follow up on and support others’ designs.

But the fact is that this process of working on others’ designs, scrutinizing every detail and developing the drawings, is very important for young architects. Yes, it takes time and energy to stay with a company in this capacity, but it pays off after a few years quite handsomely.


So ultimately, the decision whether you want to be an architect or not depends on what you want from life. If you are very serious about architecture, then I say go for it. You’ll find a way to push through the rigorous course and make a name for yourself in the field. But if you’re not quite in love with the idea of architecture, then you probably shouldn’t get into it because you might just get sick of the hard work in a few years.

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